WRS Production Sponsor/Advertising opportunity!

Hey everyone!, its been a while since my last blog post , this is because of many reasons such as me being busy and the website was under maintenance.  I would like to announce that we will be opening up the chance to feature YOUR business right here on washingtonrada.com. Please see the following information on the packages that we have.


Donation of $50


***** For business sponsors******

Advertising on all the WRS Production Social media for one month

  • up to 5 post a week on your choice of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • radio show ad every hour on washingtonrada.com/radio
  • Unlimited Social media story mentions ( 1 per day)

Company Logo on washingtonrada.com Home page

Please read note for all packages :

****if you do not have a company you are welcome to sponsor us but you will just have your name listed on the home page ! with a professional photo of you and be mentioned in some blog post and sometimes on social media 😉**



Gold $100:


Unlimited Advertising on all WRS Production pages for a three months  and often mentions on my personal social media .

Company Logo on washingtonrada.com Home page

recognition during live radio shows.

free custom logos


Platinum: $200

one time donation gets you everything you need to get your business noticed !!, unlimited advertising seen my hundreds on WRS Production platform



I would like to give a shout out to our first Sponsor Brandon Rogers who is the end zone camera operator for Vero Beach Football, he is a proud  Silver Sponsor because he loves the content i put out on all my social pages!, such as my YouTube Channel. Thanks for your continuous support!

3 thoughts on “WRS Production Sponsor/Advertising opportunity!

  1. Everything he does is amazing i love the stuff he does hes really good at what he does. He Is the person i would go to if i ever needed anything done please help him give him the support he is asking for.. Brandon Rogers

  2. I just wanna say how good He is at what he does its the work he puts into everything. The little time i have known him he has always been good at what he does I once paid his website and helped him get what he needed i hope everyone will give him the business that he needs id like to see his business take off and he go far he is very good at what he does Check out his work from the football games!

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