NEW Indian River County Dress Code, what did it change?

On July 11,2018 the School District of Indian River County has published on their Facebook Page with only 2,944 likes that three local schools ( Sebastian High School and middle school and Vero Beach High school) will have an “updated” dress code and they say that ” All other schools will continue to follow the dress code that has been established at their schools”. This new dress code prevents many individuals with freedom of speech under the United States First Amendment from wearing shirts that have a 2×2 logo, graphic print and no words if its not the brand. First of all, i will say this now like less than a month away from going back to school no one is going to follow this new dress code.It is straight up stupid because that would mean everyone has to go out to spend money on new clothing. Not everyone has the funds to go buy new clothing to wear just to go to school.Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, or censorship so basically you can wear what you want to school as long as it is appropriate and follows the standard dress code from before . I understand that what some people choose to wear is not what you should be wearing to school simply because its not right to wear, like for example those kids who choose to wear dog chains with weird spikes or those who wear capes like if they were some sort of superhero trying to make school a better place (they’re not ). Hopefully the school district notices that many people will have an issue with this new dress code .

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